Choosing The Right Online Casino

Online casinos can be a great way to enjoy gambling without having to leave your home. The best part is getting the chance to enjoy a
professional casino and the chance to do so right in your living room. It’s so much more convenient and easier to do compared to driving out to a casino filled with tons of people that you really don’t want to be around. The hard part is choosing the right casino online that fits your
lifestyle and your goals with online gambling.

Look For High Payouts And Bonuses 

It’s not uncommon for certain casinos online to provide minimal rewards with little bonuses. Many that really want to give their gamblers a great experience will provide great bonuses upfront, chances to win more money, along with exceptional support. You want to look for higher paying games and more opportunities to win more money. You can find out about all of this on none front page before you sign up. This will help enable you to make better choices and truly succeed in the long run with your online gambling. One online casino we recommend is Silver Sands Casino.

Exceptional Support

You want to look for a casino that provides exceptional support. You are literally spending and gambling your money on the web. If you go to the wrong casino, you just lost all of your money. At a regular casino, it’s very easy to complain and seek the help of a professional set of people to help you out. When a casino has a great support, it means they care for their gamblers and want to ensure you get the help whenever you need it.

Online gambling is a ton of fun and can often times provide you with more chances to win. If you work with the right casino, you’ll
find that more opportunities present itself because of their high paid offerings and wonderful bonuses.

What You Have Said

Hello, I just want to take this time to thank all my support and feedback I have received. I have spoke to some incredibly strong and inspiring people and never thought my blog would be so helpful. I would like to share some of the comments I have about my work:

“Hi Harry, thank you for answering my questions which I couldn’t ask anyone else – truly showed me a lot”
“Great work Harry – You continuously help others.”
“I was a very shy and independent person before I spoke to you Harry – now my mates can’t shut me up!”

These are just a few – I put them up to show to anyone who is still a bit unsure about popping a question my way, please get in touch! I write blogs and have social group meetings, I really am dedicated to helping the people out there who are feeling how I did!

Thank you once again!

Get More Involved

As many other keen sport lovers, I love a little bet on the games here and there and will not shy away from the male ‘banter’ that comes with it. After playing football for over 17 years you cannot beat some competitive wagering with your mates. I personally love the new BetVictor 2015 codes now available in most bookmakers. Now you’re probably wondering why on earth is he talking about gambling? The reason I am is because I want to show how yes although, I did give up football, I still enjoy being a ‘lad’ with my mates and this is the one thing I will never lose gay or not.


My and my mates all jump on board with the Betcodes Promo Code’s together. It is this which I am so proud of myself the most. It has brought me closer together with my friends and showed me people are willing to look to the Sky and past my sexual orientation and enjoy being lads and what everything that comes with it.

Please do not let them win. Continue to be who you are and do what you love doing. Your friends are the best people to help you get through any problems you may face.

Russian Homophobia

I want to start by watching this powerfully emotional video, created by a organization to promote gay rights in sport. It is without question that the UK are becoming much accepting of homosexuality in sport. Gareth Thomas, a truly inspiring man in my eyes has changed the way we look at sport in the UK, and has helped open the eyes of the less accepting individuals realise it is  okay to be gay and play sport.

With regards to Russia, it is one of the less developed in establishing gay rights in general, let alone sport. Homosexuality in Russia is punished and with a recent BBC programme by TV presenter Reggie Yates, it was highlighted the harsh reality that gays in Russia are living it worse than ever.

Russia have even declared discrimination as the newest Olympic sport in Russia. It breaks my heart to know that so many athletes will be left out of the olympics and stripped of a opportunity to represent their country due to their sexual orientation.


Hello, my name is Harry Butt, I am 23 years old and have had a passion about football since I can remember. I have played for many teams and love the physical side for the game. Sadly a year ago I gave up my love for football and hung up my boots, it seemed being a footballer and being gay didn’t seem to be accepted in today’s society. For many months I kept it to myself but now feel time to share my feelings and express the harsh reality than runs through the society we all live in today.

Homosexual discrimination is increasingly getting worse, and like thousands of others i was subject to the wrath of the consequences than come with playing football while being gay. I faced constant abuse on and off the football pitch, I was spat on in games, victim to extremely unsportsmanship  challenges and even got a broken ankle from a player who disliked my sexual orientation. It made me feel like unmanly but i powered through. Eventually the bullying got too much and I gave up my love for football.

i am now writing to discuss the issues in football today and challenge the reality on discrimination in sports. Please read my posts, you can read a little or a lot, if you are in the same position please get in touch and I can always help in anyway possible.

World Cup

soccer-673488_1280As we all know the women’s England Football Team did exceptionally well in this years world cup tournament, however unfortunately did not receive the same congratulations as say the male team did for there, let’s say more less rewarding efforts. The women finished third in this years tournament held in canada after being beat by japan in the semi final. The girls then beat Germany 0-1 England, giving England the best progress in the world cup since Alf Ramsey’s squad of 1966 to win the World Cup. However even though the women did exceptionally well, like usual society clouded over their efforts with sexest and unsportsmanship comments. Social media again at the centre force with the likes of Twitter and Facebook stirring up debates. Even the English Football Club Official Twitter page discussed women’s efforts and mentioned the fact their amazing progress is just a ‘job’ and they had to return home to being  ‘wives and mothers’.

It frustrates me that why should these women be discriminated by misogynistic people who are so narrow minded and incapable of just accepting that women have done something we should all be proud of and not just comment maliciously implying that they have a place in society, that doesn’t involve sport, but it involves doing what women are expected to do and that being a housewife.