World Cup

AS we all know the women’s England Football Team did exceptionally well in this years world cup tournament.


Hello, my name is Harry Butt, I am 23 years old and have had a passion about football since I can remember. I have played for many teams and love the physical side for the game. Sadly a year ago I gave up my love for football and hung up my boots, it seemed being a footballer and being gay didn’t seem to be accepted in today’s society. For many months I kept it to myself but now feel time to share my feelings and express┬áthe harsh reality than runs through the society we all live in today.

Homosexual discrimination is increasingly getting worse, and like thousands of others i was subject to the wrath of the consequences than come with playing football while being gay. I faced constant abuse on and off the football pitch, I was spat on in games, victim to extremely unsportsmanship  challenges and even got a broken ankle from a player who disliked my sexual orientation. It made me feel like unmanly but i powered through. Eventually the bullying got too much and I gave up my love for football.

i am now writing to discuss the issues in football today and challenge the reality on discrimination in sports. Please read my posts, you can read a little or a lot, if you are in the same position please get in touch and I can always help in anyway possible.